Regional Conference History Study Documents

Compiled by Benjamin Baker

Primary Sources

General Conference Committee, Pre-Spring Council, April 8-9, 1944

General Conference Committee, Spring Meeting, April 10, 1944

General Conference Committee, Special Meetings, Colored Delegates, April 11-13, 1944

Special Assembly of Colored Delegates, April 11-13, 1944



"Adventism's Rainbow Coalition" by Roy Branson

Angels in Ebony by Jacob Justiss

"[Black] Regional Conferences in the Seventh-day Adventist Church Compared with United Methodist [Black] Central Jurisdiction/Annual Conferences with White SDA Conferences, From 1940-2001" by Alfonzo Greene, Jr. (2009 Loyola University dissertation)

Black SDA Timeline, compiled by Benjamin Baker

"Impact of SDA Eschatological Assumptions on Certain Issues of Social Policy" by Bert Haloviak

"Regional Conferences: 50 Years of Progress" by Delbert W. Baker

Telling the Story, part 2, "About Regional Conferences" by Delbert W. Baker

"Special Emphasis: Black Adventism," Adventist Review, October 18, 1984

"Shall the Four Freedoms Function Among Seventh-day Adventists?" by The Committee of the Advancement of the Worldwide Work Among Colored Seventh-day Adventists



15 Events Leading to the Establishment of Regional Conferences by Delbert Baker

C.M. Kinny--Founder of Black Adventism by Ron Graybill

"Death in D.C." by Benjamin Baker

Excerpt from C.D.: The Man behind the Message by Harold Lee with Benjamin Baker

"The Utopia Park Affair" by Joe Mesar and Tom Dybdahl


The Process of Formation

Documents on Regional Conference Origins, parts 1-3

"The Beginning of Regional Conferences in the US" by Hobbes' Place


Adventist Organizational Church Structure

"Where did Adventist Organizational Structure come from?" by Gary Land

"Brief Organizational History of Seventh-day Adventists" by Bert Haloviak

"Mission Structure and Function" by Leslie Pollard

Organization by C.C. Crisler

Principles of Church Organization and Administration by O.O. Montgomery


Conference Histories

"An Investigation of the Perceptions of Clergy and Laity on Race-Based Organizational Segregation in the Southern Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists" by David Penno, 2009, Dissertation, Andrews University | Courtesy of Andrews University Digital Commons

History of South Central Conference by Steven R. Norman, III

History of Southwestern Region Conference



A Forum on State and Regional Conferences (2015), Andrews University

Jubilee! The Birth and Progress of Regional Conferences (1995), by Regional Conferences

The 60th Anniversary of Regional Conferences (2005), by Southeastern Conference


Opinion Pieces

"A Better Way" by Calvin Rock

"Black Seventh-day Adventists and Racial Reconciliation" by Ricardo Graham

"Commitment versus Capitulation" by Frank W. Hale, Jr.

Is There A Better Way? by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

"Not as I do," by Michael T. Nixon

"Regional Union Conferences" by E.E. Cleveland

Separate Black and White Conferences, Part 1 by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

Separate Black and White Conferences, Part 2 by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

The Church and Race Relations, Part 1 by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim

The Church and Race Relations, Part 2 by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim