Free Books on Black SDA History

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A Land of Hope, Floyd Greenleaf (courtesy of GC Archives)


A Place Called Oakwood by Benjamin Baker

A Star Gives Light by Norwida Marshall and R. Steven Norman, III

The Aeolians by Roy E. Malcolm, ed. (Courtesy of Oakwood Archives)

An African Christian Church History by Emmanuel Eregare

Angels in Ebony by Jacob Justiss


Black Smiles or the Sunny Side of Sable Life by Franklin Henry Bryant


Christian Experience by William E. Foy

Counsels on Blacks: A Comprehensive Compilation of Ellen G. White's Statements on Black People by Benjamin Baker

E.G. White and Church Race Relations by Ronald D. Graybill

From Exile to Prime Minister by Delbert W. Baker

From So Small A Dream by Louis A. Hansen


Graysville: Battle Creek of the South by Milton T. Reiber (courtesy of McKee Library)


Lest We Forget, Volume IV compiled by Larry Robbins


Lights and Shades in the Black Belt by Arthur W. Spalding

Mission to Black America by Ronald D. Graybill

Mississippi Girl by Anna Knight

My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord by Edwin J. Humphrey, Sr. and Emory J. Tolbert

Oakwood! A Vision Splendid Continues by Mervyn A. Warren (courtesy of Oakwood Archives)


Out of the Trash came Truth by Frank W. Hale, Jr.

Over A Century of Adventism, 1884-1991 by Glenn O. Phillips

People of Providence by Delbert, Susan and Benjamin Baker

Perspectives by Calvin B. Rock, ed.


Profiles of Service by Delbert W. Baker and DeWitt S. Williams, eds.

Riding Upon the High Places of the Earth by Willie Anna Dodson

Telling the Story by Delbert W. Baker, ed.

The Ladies of Oakwood by Ciro Sepulveda with Lea Hardy (Courtesy of Oakwood University)


The Southern Work by Ellen G. White (Courtesy of the White Estate)


Third Angel Over Africa by Virgil Robinson (Courtesy of GC Archives)