Black Sabbatarian and Seventh-day Adventists by Decade

 Eugene Hardy (Courtesy of Grand Rapids Public Library)


Barr Family (3)

Name: Eri L. Barr

Birth date: May 23, 1814

Birthplace: Reading, Vermont

Father: William Barr

Date became an Adventist: 1852

Spouse: Lori Z. Harvey

Wedding date: December 7, 1842

Child: Emma (b. 1844)

Occupation: Mechanic, Adventist minister

Death date: May 16, 1864

Death place: Alma, New York

Obituary: Nathaniel Fuller, Review and Herald, June 14, 1864, pg. 23


Total black Adventists in family: 2 (Eri, Emma)

Barr Family (4)

Name: Horace Barr

Birth date: October 20, 1815

Birthplace: Maine

Father: William Barr

Converted to Adventism: By brother Eri

Spouse: Betsey Wilder (race: white), Harriet (race: black)

Children: Ella/Eunice, Anna (both mulatto, from Betsey)

Occupation: Farmer; was also a local elder in the Andover SDA Church (Vermont)

Death date: December 7, 1886

Obituary: Mrs. O.A. Codding, Review and Herald, February 1, 1887, pg. 79

Total black Adventists in family: 4 (Horace, Harriet, Ella, Anna)

John West

Birth date: December 25, 1816

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

Converted to Adventism: After escaping slavery in New Orleans, circa 1853

Occupation: Adventist pastor, grocer

Death date: December 25, 1868

Death place: Peterboro, New York

Obituary: “The Dominie”; Oneida [N.Y.] Dispatch, August 13, 1869, p. 2, col. 5; Lockport [N.Y.] Daily Journal, Aug. 2, 1869, p. 3, col. 3; “John West, ‘the Dominie,’” The Sabbath Recorder, Aug. 5, 1869, p. 126; “Personal,” Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, July 29, 1869, p. 3, col. 2; “[John West],” Cincinnati Daily Gazette, July 30, 1869, p. 3, col. 6; “The Grave of the Dominie,” Detroit Advertiser and Tribune, Aug. 12, 1869, p. 4, col. 4; “[John West],” Oakland [Calif.] Daily Transcript, Aug. 13, 1869, p. 1, col. 1; “[John West],” Salem [Mass.] Register, Aug. 9, 1869, p. 2, col. 5; “[John West],” Burlington [Vt.] Free Press and Times, Aug. 2, 1869, p. 1, col. 7.

Article: "Born a Slave, Died a Freeman," by Kevin Burton

Canadian Abolitionist

Name: Unknown

Origins: Upper Canada (Toronto)

Date became an Adventist: August 1855 from meetings given by Joseph Bates and Eri Barr

Race: Colored

Occupation: Abolitionist, lecturer

Article: Joseph Bates and E.L. Barr, “Tent Meetings,” Review and Herald, September 4, 1855, pg. 36

Hardy Family (8)

Name: William J. Hardy

Birth date: January 9, 1823

Birthplace: New York State

Race: Colored

Spouse: Eliza Watts

Wedding date: 1844

Children: Alice (b. August 1847), Eugene D., Asher, Lloyd, William H., Mary Ellen

Converted to Adventism: c. June 1857 in an evangelistic effort by J.B. Frisbie; Eliza accepts the truth before William.

Occupation: Politician; was church clerk and elder of Caledonia/Gaines SDA Church

William’s death date: June 8, 1888

Eliza Hardy death date: December 13, 1890

Death place: Dutton, Michigan

Obituary: W.C. Wales, Review and Herald, June 19, 1888, pgs. 398-399


Total black Adventists in family: 8 (William, Eliza, Alice, Eugene, Asher, Lloyd, William, Mary)

Phila Weston

Contact with Adventism: January 1853

Place: Sandy Hill, Washington County, Vermont

Quote: "We found a Bro. Freeman and his daughter in Sandyhill, who appeared interested in the Sabbath, and a colored sister Weston who saw the Sabbath, and said she should keep it."

-Elon Everts, "From Bro. Everts," Review and Herald, January 20, 1853, pg. 2


Busha Dixson

Status: Student at Battle Creek Sanitarium

Contact with Adventism: At least late 1869

Report: "My first book will be ready for distribution next week. Will send you one when it is out. We have Busha Dixson with me sewing now. She seems to be a very fine, good girl. She is mulatto. Has been at the Institute for eight months." - Ellen G. White, May 17, 1870

Addie Guy

Name: Addie Guy

Parents: Benjamin F. and Martha Jane Guy

Life dates: February 20, 1862-April 3, 1876

Lived: Salon, Kent County, Michigan

Race: Colored, Mulatto

Obit: William and Mary Minisee, Review and Herald, May 11, 1876, pg. 151

Total black Adventists in family: 1 (Addie)

Minisee Family (10)

Name: James Henry Minisee

Birth date: February 25, 1823

Birthplace: Yates, Dutchess County, New York

Parents: Prince and Elizabeth Minisee

Wedding date: 1854

Race: Mulatto, Black

Spouse: Marie/Maria

Children: George Henry, Mary, Charles, Jane, Frank, Julia Grace, Helen Elizabeth, Emma Margaret, Anna Maria

Converted to Adventism: c. 1863

Occupation: Farmer

Death date: April 6, 1913

Obituary: S.B. Horton, Review and Herald, May 15, 1913, pg. 22

Total black Adventists in family: 10 (James, Marie, and 8 children)

Minisee Family (3)

Name: William F. Minisee/Minesee

Birth date: c. 1826

Birth place: New York State

Parents: Prince and Elizabeth Minisee

Wife: Mary A.

Children: One son

Converted to Adventism: c. 1859

Race: Mulatto, black

Occupation: Farmer

SDA Church: Gaines Township, Michigan

Death date: May 24, 1877

Obituary: Mary A. Minisee, Review and Herald, June 14, 1877, pg. 191

Total black Adventists in family: 3 (William, Mary, and son)


4 converts in Powder Mills, Kentucky

Minister's name: Silas Osborn

Date: May 1875

Place: Powder Mills, Kentucky

Report: Silas Osborn, "Kentucky," Review and Herald, April 1, 1875, 6.

Edmund Killen, a
black sharecropper and minister in Reynolds, Georgia

Date: March 1878

Place: Reynolds, Georgia

Report: C.O. Taylor, "Reynolds, Georgia," Review and Herald, March 14, 1878, 5.

Charles Marshall Kinny

Birth date: 1855

Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia

Conversion: Evangelistic meeting held by J.N. Loughborough in Reno, Nevada, in the summer of 1878

First Sabbath kept: September 28, 1878

Occupation: Minister

Death date: August 3, 1951

Sharecroppers on W.F. Killen's land

Conversion Date: December 1877
Place: Reynolds, Georgia

Report: C.O. Taylor, "Reynolds, Georgia," Review and Herald, January 3, 1878, 6-7.


The Dorsey Family (5)

Names: Parents, Clement and Martha; Children: Jessie C., Isaac C., Gertie, Effie
Conversion Date: 1886

Place: Franklin County, Ohio

Report: Isam C. Dorsey, "Letter Budget," The Youth's Instructor, March 31, 1886, 4.

Jessie C. Dorsey, "Letter Budget," The Youth's Instructor, December 4, 1889, 4.