George E. Peters Adventist School

Visionaries from the Metropolitan and Emmanuel Brinklow Seventh-day Adventist Churches, along with the Allegheny East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists saw the need for a Christ-centered school which would be sensitive and responsive to the uniqueness of black students, in particular, and diversity-minded families, in general, and conveniently located in the northern section of the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Under the sponsorship of those two churches, (later joined by the First Seventh-day Adventist Church of Washington, DC), the doors of George E. Peters Seventh-day Adventist School opened in September of 1987. This accomplishment was the result of years of dreaming, praying, talking and deciding; and two intense years of fundraising, strategizing, meeting and working.

The school's first location was the Metropolitan Adventist Church building. Four teachers - one serving as principal, staffed 68 students in grades 1-8.

In one year, the enrollment doubled! At the end of just six years, the overcrowded school, with its bulging waiting list, made it necessary to move into a newly constructed school building which could house a maximum of 250 students. The new building had ten classrooms, a fully equipped science lab, library, computer lab, multi-purpose room for lunch and assemblies, music studio for private music lessons, teachers' work room/lounge, and an administrative office complex. There is ample playground and parking space.

The staff of certified teachers, individual students, and the school as a whole, have several awards for achievements in academics and the arts.

The history of the school is still unfolding. You are invited to be a part of the legacy and promise of George E. Peters Adventist School.