Henrietta Branch (1858-1913)

BRANCH.- Henrietta P. Branch, wife of Elder Thomas H. Branch, was born at Roanoke, Howard Co., Missouri, March I2, 1858, and died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, soon after the commencement of the Sabbath, April 4, 1913, aged 55 years and 22 days.

Sister Branch was united in marriage with Thomas H. Branch in Wyandotte County, near Kansas City, Kansas, Dec. 7, 1876. They moved to Colorado, where in 1892 they both accepted the faith of Jesus as taught by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They devoted their lives entirely to the work of teaching the true faith to their own race, and were sent to Nyasaland, central Africa, where Sister Branch labored faithfully by the side of her husband for several years.

After their return to America she was an able assistant to
Elder Branch in his work in Denver, Coloroado, and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the latter place he has had charge of the First African Seventh-day Adventist Church for the last two years.

The loss of this dear sister will be keenly felt by the church, as well as by her husband and four children, who are left to mourn; yet they "sorrow not, even as others which have no hope." She rests in "that blessed hope" of the appearing of the Lord, and a part in the resurrection of the righteous. Funeral services were conducted by the writer, words of comfort being spoken from Revelation 14:12-14

-H.M.J. Richards, Adventist Review, May 22, 1913, pg. 502 (22)