Horace Barr (December 7, 1886)

BARR.-Died Dec. 7, 1886, of an affection of the liver and kidneys,
Bro. Horace Barr, aged seventy-one years. He received the truth
through his brother, Eld. E. L. Barr, and was for many years elder of
the church in Andover, Vt. For the past eight years he had been
connected with the Jamaica church, and was much loved and respected.
He had been in feeble health for some time, but the Christian's
hope ever sustained him, and he bore his sufferings with the
utmost patience and resignation to the will of God. During his last
illness of three or four weeks, he had strong hope that he should recover,
till near the last; yet by being much in prayer, he seemed to
be preparing for the change. His companion, who tenderly cared
for him, and two daughters mourn, but not without hope. As it was
in the time of General Conference, the funeral services were conducted
by Eld. Rowell (Baptist).

-Mrs. O.A. Codding, Review and Herald, February 1, 1887, pg. 79