Jeter E. Cox (1885-1961)

COX, Elder J. E., 76, a veteran of 40 years' ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, died June 21, 1961.

Elder Cox labored in several cities of Ohio, including Columbus and Cleveland. He also worked in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and San Francisco. He was the father of seven sons, two of whom are Adventist ministers; two, school teachers; two, hospital attendants; and one, an employee of the Ford Motor Company. Also surviving is his wife, Mary E. Cox.

He greatly influenced the establishment and growth of congregations in many areas. For these congregations under his pastorship five churches were purchased and literally thousands have been baptized under his ministry.

Elder Cox's final days were spent on his farm in Kilmarnock, Va. He died with the conviction that Jesus is soon to come and that the faithful will be reunited.

-Columbia Union Visitor, March 8, 1962, pg. 11