John H. Wagner, Sr. (1902-1962)

Upon completion of his schoolwork at Oakwood, Elder Wagner began his ministerial work in Paducah, Kentucky, and after that served as pastor of many churches, among them Nashville, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Newark, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. In 1944 he was elected president of the Allegheny Conference where he served until he was called in December, 1953, to be president of the South Atlantic Conference.

While in Allegheny, among many projects, he led out in the establishment of the Pine Forge Institute. His vision caused him to boldly lead the conference into the purchase and development of the fine plant for the education of youth that now exists at Pine Forge.

In the South Atlantic Conference he was greatly loved, and inspired the field to advances in evangelism and church building activities.

Elder Wagner was born 59 vears ago on December 31, 1902, in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He was married to Jessie R. Fordham of Charlestown, South Carolina, in 1925. To this union five children were born. Today they are all grown, married, and active in the Lord's service.

He passed to his rest on August 11, 1962. Interment was in Atlanta, Georgia.

-North American Informant, Nov-Dec 1962