Lucy Byard Fact Sheet

James H. Byard, Lucy's husband

Date of birth: September 22, 1877

Place of birth: Petersburg, Virginia

Parents: Jesse Spence (father; born 1854 in Greensville County, VA)

              Hariett ("Hattie") M. Cox (mother)

              Married on September 8, 1874, in Petersburg, VA

Name at birth: Lucille Spence

Race: Black

Siblings (at time of her death): 4 sisters, 2 brothers

Education: Second year of high school

Date of first marriage: August 10, 1899

Marriage location: Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Conversion to SDA Church: 1902, New York City

First husband: Charles W. Lewis (died 1922)

Date of second marriage: September 23, 1928

Marriage location: Manhattan, New York City

Spouse: James Henry Byard (1871-1969)

Children: 5 from James' previous marriage (Viola, Lena, Raymond, M. Ernest, Joseph)

Talents: Music, cooking

Residences: 108th Avenue, Queens, New York City

                     159th Sreet, Jamaica, Long Island, New York City  

Home church at time of death: First Jamaica Seventh-day Adventist Church (Jamaica, Long Island, New York City)

Date of death: October 30, 1943

Place of death: Freedman's Hospital, Washington, D.C.

Surviving immediate family at time of death: Husband, two sisters, and stepchildren

Funeral venue: Ephesus SDA Church (New York City)

Funeral officiator: James K. Humphrey, assisted T.M. Rowe and J.E. Cox

Funeral speaker: Jeter E. Cox (13 ministers officiating in total)

Burial date: November 3, 1943

Burial place: Siloam section of Evergreen Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Gravesite number: 5034A

Obituary: Greta Martin, "Obituary Notices," Atlantic Union Gleaner, December 17, 1943, pg. 6

The New York Age, December 4, 1943, pg. 8

Statement by granddaughter, Naomi R. Allen: North American Regional Voice (August 1987), 4-5