Matthew C. Strachan (1875-1951)

ELDER MATTHEW C. STRACHAN was born in Washington, D.C., May 8, 1875, and died in Sanford, Florida, on August 22, 1951. He attended school in Washington, D.C., and later attended Battle Creek College after accepting the truth as taught by Seventh-day Adventists.

While in his early twenties he worked with the old Southern Missionary Society, teaching school and doing ministerial work in Mississippi and Alabama. He also worked in the States of Georgia, Florida, Maryland, and New York. For a number of years he was pastor of what is now the Ephesus church in New York, our largest colored congregation in North America. From New York he was called by the Southern Union and worked as union secretary for the colored work. In 1932 he returned to the State of Florida, where his ministry continued until he retired from active work about ten years ago.

His companion during most of the years of his ministry, Mrs. Maude Strachan, passed away in the year 1936. On February 5, 1949, he was united in wedlock to Mrs. D. L. Potts, of Sanford, Florida, whose loving care made his last days happy ones.

He leaves to mourn: his wife, one brother, four stepchildren, and a foster daughter. Words of comfort were spoken by Elder H. D. Singleton; assisting in the services were Elders J. W. Jones and F. H. Stevens, South Atlantic Conference.

-H.D. Singleton