Oakwood Adventist Academy

Oakwood Adventist Academy, also referred to as Oakwood Academy or OAA, is a Seventh-day Adventist co-educational K-12 school located on the campus of Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama. Oakwood Adventist Academy was founded in 1896 as Oakwood Industrial School in order to train young people of African American descent. The high school served as a boarding school and preparatory school operated by Oakwood University for the majority of its existence. In 1974, the academy became a day school operated by a local constituency of Seventh-day Adventist churches called the Huntsville Area Seventh-day Adventist (HASDA) Churches. The school has had many names including Oakwood Manual Training School, Oakwood College Academy, Oakwood Christian Academy, and Oakwood Academy. The administration and constituency voted to change the name of the school to Oakwood Adventist Academy in 2002. Today, the school is governed by the Huntsville Area Seventh-day Adventist (HASDA) School Board and the South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Oakwood Adventist Academy continues to serve as the College Preparatory Division and Laboratory School for the Department of Education of Oakwood University. Several education majors from Oakwood University conduct their internships at Oakwood Adventist Academy. OAA is a major feeder school for Oakwood University, with a significant number of graduates matriculating to Oakwood University. Advanced juniors and seniors can participate in dual enrollment between Oakwood University and OAA at no additional cost to the academy student. Special programs at the school include a certified nursing assistant program, a program in science education with NASA, and a mission organization providing service to disaster areas.

The high school is currently housed in the J.T. Stafford Building at Oakwood University, built in 1974. After the Anna Knight Hall, which housed the elementary school, was destroyed by fire in 1990, a new building for the elementary school was constructed in 1993. Recently, the school received 32 acres of prime land from Oakwood University to construct a brand new K-12 facility. The new Oakwood Adventist Academy complex will be located adjacent to the main Oakwood University campus. The new K-12 complex will include classrooms for the high school, middle school, and elementary school, a gymnasium, auditorium, media center, cafeteria, and athletic fields.