Ruby Bontemps Troy (1905-1987)

MRS. RUBY BONTEMPS TROY, wife of the late Dr. Owen A. Troy, Sr., passed away on Aug. 23, 1987, in her home in Huntsville, Al. after a brief illness.

She served as clerk of the Oakwood College Church for many years. Mrs. Troy was a member of one of the first Black Adventist families on the west coast. Her father, Elder Bontemps, was among the first Black men ordained as SDA ministers in California, and her husband served in the Sabbath School Department of the General Conference until his death. Her brother, Professor

Arna Bontemps was librarian at Fisk University for more than three decades and was a co-writer with Langston Hughes. Her son, Owen, Jr., presently serves in the Communication Department of the General Conference.

-North American Regional Voice, October 1987