Thomas H. Branch (1856-1924)

Thomas H. Branch was born in Jefferson County, Missouri, on December 24, 1856; and died in Los Angeles, California, November 6, 1924. In 1876 he married Miss Henrietta Paterson. In 1893 Brother Branch embraced this truth. In 1901 he began laboring in Pueblo, and the following year he was asked to go to Africa. With his wife and daughter and two sons he went to Africa and began work in Nyasaland. After five years in British Central Africa, because of ill health he was sent to Cape Town. In 1908 he with his family returned to the United States, where he took charge of the colored work in Denver, Colorado, In 1918 Brother Branch made his home at Watts, California, until his last illness, when he went to live with his daughter, Mrs. Mabel Webb, in Los Angeles, California. Three sons, one daughter, and three
grandchildren mourn his death.

-P. Gustavus Rodgers, "Elder Thomas H. Branch," Adventist Review, December 4, 1924, pg. 22