Wesley Curtwright

Wesley Curtwright was born Nov. 30, 1910, in the seaport city of Brunswick, Ga., the second son and third surviving child of Wesley Curtwright, Sr., and the former Beatrice Demaris McGhee. Both his parents were school teachers, having graduated together from Atlanta University, Class of 1896.

Young Wesley graduated from the SDA church school in Atlanta, Ga., in 1924, and from the Harlem Academy, New York, in 1928. He later graduated from Emmanuel Missionary College (now Andrews University), Berrien Springs, Mich., majoring in English.

After working at various jobs, including a stint as Senior Newspaperman with the Federal Writers Project, Wesley entered the New York State Civil Service as a Junior Clerk, Dept. of Labor, in 1939. He was promoted to Assistant Clerk, to Employment Interviewer, to Claims Examiner, to Senior Claims Examiner. He retired from state service in 1975.

In 1948, and again in 1978-79, Wesley worked in Nashville, Tenn., with the late Louis B. Reynolds as unofficial assistant to the editor of "Message Magazine." He contributed numerous articles and poems to various publications, and published one book, "The Hand of God in Ethiopia."

Wesley was baptized as a child into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in 1917, by the late Elder Strother. He served a number of local SDA churches in various capacities: Local Elder, Deacon, Head Deacon, Sabbath School Teacher, Press and Public Relations Secretary, etc.

He continued always to assert his confidence in the Third Angel's Message as
proclaimed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and his firm expectation of seeing the Lord return soon, either as a living survivor, or as part of the Special Resurrection of the faithful remnant.

In 1938, Wesley married Esther L. Robinson, of Newport News, Va. This union was blessed with one child, Esther D. Curtwright, who is now a practicing attorney in New York City.

Expressions of sympathy may be sent as a contribution to the Cancer Fund.

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